About: Rich Van Dyke
Rich is a Veteran, and served our country in the USAF and retired in 1994. In 1988 Rich met Anne while taking dance lessons. They became good friends and often competed in dancing together.

Time went on and as their relationship grew, Rich soon began his on the job training with the carriages and would help Anne with reservations, horses, carriage work, and most of the day to day work.

In July 1991 they made it official and were married on the Famous River Walk; in the King William Area.

...and road away in a carriage!

Although Rich Van Dyke is not one of the original founders of the Yellow Rose Carriage Company (YRCC), it is evident that he has earned his place as a founder with Anne. Togther Anne and Rich have formed a bond to last a lifetime and focus all their passion for YRCC; it is evident when you spend time with them.

However, one carriage company wasn't big enough for the retired USAF Veteran and he purchased their now sister carriage company, H.R.H. Carriage. 

Both companies operate out of the same carriage house and share the large selection of carriage horses. He has continued to help Anne run the carriage business and together create many memories for visitors and locals to the area.

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