About: Anne Van Dyke
Anne Van Dyke is one of the original founders of the Yellow Rose Carriage Company (YRCC). Anne moved to Texas in June of 1982 and founded YRCC in December 1982.

She relocated from the east coast near Miami, Fl, in an old van, with an old horse trailer and a very special Half Arabian and Standardbred mare named Valentine. 

Anne came across an ad for carriage drivers in a local paper, and it seemed to be a perfect summer job while Anne was evaluating real job options. That summer driving led her to develop a new dream. By fall of 1982, that dream was realized and YRCC was founded.

Valentine, was one of the first horses utilized in YRCC. Valentine had learned to drive in the avocado groves outside of Miami but she quickly settled in and with one carriage, the Yellow Rose 
Carriage Company was in business!

In addition; Anne has many accolades within YRCC and has received many letters recognizing her for her professionalism and dedication in her community. 

However a highlight of her personal accomplishments was to be awarded a grant to compete during an equestrian combined driving event in Gladstone, New Jersey. Gladstone is one of the premiere combined driving events held in the United States and it is an honor to compete there.

Anne said “I was very excited and honored to have won First in the Intermediate Singles Division" She continued on to mention “as well as the high point overall in the Intermediate which includes Pairs and Singles! I believe that it was the first time anyone from the Western states had won that event and it created quite a stir!”

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